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For whom it might concern

The global warming which we have been experiencing for several years now is having an increasing impact on the world of powder coatings in all of its various stages, namely, production, storage at the manufacturer, transportation, and storage at the customer's site before final use.


The purpose of this document is to highlight the need for all parties involved to regulate and implement all necessary measures in order to reduce the impact of heat during hot periods of the year as much as possible and to make it easier to identify responsibility for any non-conformity of the powder coating before use due to excessive exposure to direct and indirect sources of heat.


Any manufacturer of powder coatings has direct control over the separate stages of production, storage procedures and, in the case of deliveries with carriage-paid, of transportation activities too, taking care to coordinate them with its suppliers. In the hottest periods of the year, Bullcrem Lack carries out regular routine checks of material fluidity, paying careful attention to products most deemed at risk due to their formula or storage time.


Despite the care that we take and the instructions we provide to the logistics companies, we cannot completely rule out the possible presence of agglomerations, to a greater or lesser extent, in our products.


Since we do not have a direct control after the logistics companies have collected the products, we have to ask our customers to carry out checks on the products as soon as the delivery is made and not at the time of use, since elements impacting the quality and fluidity of the products may intervene in this time frame.


We would kindly ask customers to carry out inspections at the time they receive the material and provide for appropriate storage conditions. This will help to ensure that our products are not placed in direct and indirect contact with heat sources. We also recommend the activation of procedures for monitoring stock temperatures, taking care to check the temperatures both on the floor and in the highest parts of the warehouses. It is also important to check windows and skylights ensuring that the boxes containing the powder are not placed in the sun, even if only indirectly.


It is good practice to close plastic bags containing any remaining product at the end of each painting process. This will ensure that powders does not come into contact with ambient moisture.

We kindly ask all our customer to activate appropriate procedures in order to achieve the best possible level of work practices.


Kind regards


Bullcrem Lack S.r.l.

Managing Director

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