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Covid Green Pass Italy - Law Decree n. 127/2021

Dear Valuable Partner,


we hereby inform you that according to Law Decree n. 127/2021, providing “urgent measures to ensure the

safe performance of public and private work,” from October 15 to December 31, 2021, private sector

workers in Italy must possess and show, on request, a valid Green Pass to gain access to the workplace.


The obligation applies also to all people who carry out any work in the workplaces and to all persons with

all types of working contracts.


For this reason in case you have to visit or to perform any kind of activity in Bullcrem Lack you will be

admitted only in case you have a valid green pass.


The obligation does not apply to those who are exempt from the national vaccination programme with an

appropriate medical exemption certificate issued according to the criteria offset out by the Italian Ministry

of Health.


We are at your disposal for any further needed information

With best regards

Bullcrem Lack Srl

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