This is our passion before being our job

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About us

Bullcrem Lack S.r.l. is a thermosetting powder coatings manufacturer. On request we can deliver any colour and any finishing. Our items are formulated without solvents or dangerous substances and are suitable to paint an unlimited range of metal objects for decorative and protective reasons as well.

In our imagination colours can even be smelled; in the real world they  stimulate our perception capability and give us emotions.

Colours have a great impact in our daily lives, influencing our mood and making us feel better.

Despite the great multiplicity of colours already available in the market (RAL, NCS, PANTONE and many others colors cards), customers might need shades that are out of these standard.

Thanks to the talent and the competences of its employees, who have more than 20 years of experience in this specifcs sector, Bullcrem Lack S.r.l. has specialized in the production of customized products with the aim to satisfy every request.

In accordance with our company policy, we love the idea of creating something special that represents a contact point between us and the customer. The final result of this bond between the customer’s personality and the Company’s know-how is the generation of an unique product. 

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